Occidental Mindoro OLPC Initiative Kick-Off

When word got out that the 550 XOs destined for Occidental Mindoro were enroute, both the OM Project (Jamela Haley, Emie Garcie and Ferdinand Mercene) team together with eKindling team member Tessa Yuvienco wasted no time in mobilizing people to update and prepare these laptops for a February hand off. Mr. Ferdinand Mercene asked his students from Divine College in San Jose, OM to help out. They were more than willing to volunteer with or without the promised extra credit for service learning.

All told 40 (20 per day) college students participated in updating, testing and prepping the laptops. The first team was so efficient that only 135 XOs were left for the 2nd batch of students. The volunteer spirit was strong in these students. At the end of the day a lot of them asked “When can we do this again?”.

The first day didn’t go through without a snag however. A moment of panic ensued when power went out for a couple of hours while Nandblasting was going on. With all her new found geek skills from this project, Tessa was worried that the power outage might have affected the receiving laptops. It wasn’t until the power came back and she was

able to make a Skype call that I was able to confirm that all is well. A moment of excitement, a venture to the unknown…each event in this venture reminds us all that it’s a learning experience.

So 550 of these green cuties are ready to be handed off to classrooms in Occidental Mindoro. What an exciting time! Check back with us for news of the launch! Let the learning begin!