XO box as a jetpack!

The countdown started almost two years ago when one of its municipalities launched an ICT program unlike no other in the country. It started with a spark in the small island of Lubang, Mindoro, led by Mayor Juan Sanchez, and reverberated throughout the provinces of Occidental Mindoro. The push for a wider OLPC Initiative in the province of Occidental Mindoro was lead by  Governor Josephine Ramirez-Sato. The message is loud and clear, education is a priority for the region.


February 2-4, 2012 mark a milestone for the Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro and Team eKindling, who are providing the program development and support for this project. 550 XO 1.5 laptops were handed out to children in Magsaysay, San Jose Pilot, Adela Central and Calintaan Central schools as part of the region’s 2:1 (Two students share one laptop) initiative. February 6-7 will be the scheduled public launch.

Barely have the time to smile, Mrs. Jamela Haley still working to prep for public launch

For the project team members Mrs. Jamela Haley, Mrs. Emie Garcia and Prof. Ferdinand Mercene it is a momentous day and a sweet fruit for their hours of hard work and long frequent trips to the mainland to get the laptops on the hands of these children. For Team eKindling, it marks a day to celebrate: for more children to serve, for our growing community and family, for more meaningful work ahead.

For Complete Gallery of Pictures: http://bit.ly/AFhJCK

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